Ryan Bomberger: Some Baylor University Faculty and Student Try to Ban Christian Author Matt Walsh Because They Fear Truth

Christians are called to be strong and courageous, but that’s not what Christian students are being taught on many Christian college campuses today. Too often, they’re taught to fear and to hide behind a false pretense of grace while extending none. 

Christian writer, speaker and author Matt Walsh was protested by college staff and students, at Baylor University, who didn’t want to hear a Biblical perspective on culture-shifting issues. How dare a Christian father speak Biblical truths about abortionmarriage and gender! That’s “hate speech.” This is intolerable in a day and age when many define their own subjective truth which, apparently, cannot be subjected to any level of scrutiny no matter how civil the discourse.

Truth is offensive. It’s divisive. It boldly separates fact from fiction. It’s freedom.

In a Knight Foundation college student poll, 69% agreed that colleges should “restrict slurs and other speech that is intentionally offensive to certain groups.” Who determines what’s considered a slur and which language is “intentionally offensive?”  Hate speech is now the default accusation for ideas or words that challenge a “progressive” worldview.

There’s no America without free speech. It’s not free if it comes laden with restrictions and heavy societal costs.

I don’t support legislation through Presidential Executive Orders, but why should any American president have to resort to such lengths to ensure our First Amendment rights? Trump’s Executive Order on Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency and Accountability at Colleges and Universities was signed because many places of alleged higher learning have become institutions of intolerance.

Walsh is not a threat to civility, but conformity. The Baylor Lariat has several articles attacking him with titles like “Hate Speech Has No Place in Christianity” and “Why I Pulled Down Fliers Advertising Matt Walsh Event.” There is a spiritual and emotional immaturity that is on full display here. Patrick Hill, a gay Baylor graduate, started the petition to ban Walsh from campus. Hill decries the suggestion that there is such a thing as LGBT activism. Perhaps he’s not aware of how multi-million dollar, pro-abortion LGBTQ orgs like Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal and the ACLU have been fighting to erase religious libertyfree speechpronouns, and faith-based adoption agencies.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Bomberger