Parents are Furious at Mother who Hosted a Build-A-Bear Birthday Party for her Child and Then Demanded all the Attending Children Give the Toys they Made to Her Daughter

An upset parent on Reddit shared a story about a birthday party for her daughter’s friend that was held at Build-A-Bear

Social media users are united in outrage over an entitled mother who hosted a birthday party at Build-A-Bear — and then demanded each of the kids who showed up to celebrate hand their creations over to her own daughter.

Reddit user who goes by namenerd77 shared the story this week, recounting the unexpected twist a a six-year-old’s Build-A-Bear-making birthday party took on Saturday.

She said that after they left the store, the mother of the birthday girl insisted that all of the little guests give their toys to her daughter, leaving several of them in tears.

The mother telling the story was so surprised by the turn of events that she was unsure if she was overreacting.

She said that on Saturday, she took her six-year-old daughter to a school friend’s birthday party.

‘The party was being held at Build a Bear, but it wasn’t run by the employees,’ she said. We had cake and pizza in the food court, then went down to BAB to make bears, then back to friends house for the rest of the party.’

She said that eight kids were invited, and the invitation stipulated that each kit would make a bear.

‘I just assumed they would get to take them home, since that is what happened at another BAB party I went to,’ she said.

She noted that she and her husband ‘even pitched in about 30 dollars’ for the bear-making, since they ‘know these things can get expensive’.

The kids went wild making their animals. She said even though there was no spending limit, she guided her daughter not to be greedy with the accessories.

What!? The eight kids invited to the party each made an animal, but when they left, the host mother demanded each of the children give the toy they made to her own daughter

But when they left, the unexpected happened.

‘We leave the store, then friends mom announces that the kids need to give all their animals to her daughter,’ she wrote. ‘Cue the upset and angry kids.

‘They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and friend wasn’t even being nice about it either. Another little boy didn’t want to, and friend ripped it out of his hands.

‘I probably should have said something, but I didn’t. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too.’

The group headed back to the birthday girl’s house, where all the kids watched as she played with her new toys.

‘I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to Build-A-Bear and got her a new one,’ she said.

The mother writing the post was clearly surprised, and said at least one other parent was ‘really upset’ about it. She noted that they had already given her a birthday present, so the bear was just extra.

The post has racked up quite a few replies from people who have assured her that this is not normal behavior.

‘Wow. I gave our daughters a Build-A-Bear party once too and never would have even imagined keeping everyone’s bears! That is brutal,’ wrote one.

‘This was an emotionally abusive thing to do to a child that age,’ wrote another.

‘This is disturbing. It sounds like something the Dursleys would do to Harry Potter,’ said a third.

Others noted that the parents who threw the party likely just turned their daughter into a social pariah.

‘They just set their child up for social failure. I would never attend another party they hosted,’ wrote one, while another said: ‘That kid is gonna get blacklisted by her whole grade level.’

The post earned even more attention after one man shared a screengrab of it on Twitter, writing in all caps, ‘I AM ANGRY AT THIS.’

‘The parent that hosted the party is a psychopath,’ another Twitter user replied/ ‘Like, you didn’t even stop to think about if the situation was reversed and your child had to give away their bear that they thought they were making for themselves? I would have let my kid keep HER bear that I paid for.’

‘Her mom will also probably pay someone else to take her SATs and Photoshop her pictures to a rowing team,’ joked another.

Others piled on the criticism.

‘I don’t even have kids but I do have common sense and this is so beyond wrong. That’s not the point of a party at BAB. At my niece’s bday party, all of the kids got a second heart and made wishes for her and put those hearts into her bear.’

‘The real present was… all the kids they made cry along the way?’

‘Wow she just sweat-shopped a birthday party.’

‘When Veruca Salt invites you to her birthday party, you gotta expect this.’

‘I’m sure all those stuffed animals will be a great comfort to this child when no one ever attends another of her birthday parties.’

But at least one former Build-A-Bear employee shared a disheartening bit of information: that, in her experience, this is not all that unusual.

‘I don’t know why, but this is a Thing,’ she wrote. ‘I used to run a BABW and had two parties where parents did the exact same terrible thing. (For each one between my mgr discounts and everyone in the store – including other customers — chipping in, we were able to get the kids new animals.)’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Carly Stern