Pastor Jentezen Franklin and Abby Johnson Host ‘Life Is Beautiful’ Event, Calling on the Church to Unite Against Abortion

An overflow crowd of more than 4,000 people attended the “Life is Beautiful” meeting at Free Chapel’s Gainesville, GA campus on Saturday to celebrate the unborn.

Organized by Pastor Jentezen Franklin, the event was designed to bring attention to the urgency for the church in America to address the issue of abortion. The aim of the meeting of Christian leaders, public servants, and the Christian community was to also show unity in providing a compassionate and grace-filled support network for women across the country.

In Franklin’s opening remarks, he highlighted the recent legislation in the state of New York permitting abortion in the third trimester, up until the point of birth, and the recent comments of the governor of Virginia who condoned allowing babies who survive abortions to be left to die.

“If they’re not ashamed to take that stand,” he said, “then I am not ashamed to take the Word of God and say with all the love in my heart, that life matters to God and it matters to us.”

“We no longer have the luxury of disunity in the body of Christ,” Franklin added in an appeal to all Christian denominations nationwide.

“The lines have been drawn. Stand up for life,” he told the audience. “And stand up for compassion and grace for those that have experienced abortion. We dare not be silent in such a time as this.”

Every speaker at the event emphasized their love and concern for pregnant mothers who feel abandoned and think they have no options. They also prayed for healing and offered forgiveness for women who have been grieving from a past abortion.

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director and now a pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson, whose remarkable story has turned into the box office hit “Unplanned”, also appeared at the event.

When she took the stage she was transparent about having had two abortions herself but is now celebrating that she is pregnant with her eighth child.

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Source: CBN