Inside the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron: the Burial Site of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and a Holy Site for Christians, Jews, and Muslims

The city of Hebron was one of the largest cities in biblical times, and today is considered one of Israel’s four holy cities. While it’s a divided city under Israeli rule, you might be surprised to know Jews and Muslims peacefully share a holy site here.

According to the Bible, Hebron is the place where Abraham buried his wife, Sarah. Later, Abraham, his son Isaac, and grandson Jacob, and their wives were all buried here in a place now known as the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Jews lived in the city until they were driven out in the 1929 riots. They returned after Israel regained control in 1967 during the Six-Day War.

About 800 Jews now live in Hebron, surrounded by some 200,000 Arabs.

Holy Site for Jews, Muslims, and Christians

Revered by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as a Holy City, Hebron was the first capital of King David. Recently, however, the United Nations deemed it as a Muslim holy site in danger.

Noam Arnon, Spokesman for the Jewish Community in Hebron, told CBN News that in Hebron, everything you find fits all the biblical sources. “When you read Genesis 23 about Abraham, how he purchased a whole field around, and the trees – the cave is there,” he said, pointing to a building now covering the cave.

“It’s located right beneath the rocks there, which are the end of the field. And the cave itself was dated to the Middle Bronze Age, which is equal to the forefathers’ era,” he said.

Burial Site of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Arnon took CBN’s Scott Ross into the massive structure, and showed him what is called the “Gate of Heaven.” Beneath the large memorial are caves where three couples are buried: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah.

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Source: CBN