600 Cases of Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Sends Chills Through US Medical Community

A culture of drug-resistant fungus Candida Auris.

A superbug spreading in the United States is sending chills through the medical community. It’s a fungal infection that can’t be killed by our best medicines.

We found out the hard way how overusing antibiotics can lead to drug-resistant bacterial infections. Now, scientists are questioning whether we’re seeing the same result from the growth of antifungals, like the kind used to treat fruits and vegetables.

The latest culprit of concern is called Candida Auris, a fungus or yeast deemed by the CDC an “urgent threat” because antifungal drugs that fight yeast infections have no effect on it.

Most of the roughly 600 cases in the US, are in New York, New Jersey and Chicago, found in nursing homes and hospitals, typically striking patients with weakened immune systems.

Dr. William Li says physicians nationwide are on high alert because little is known about C. Auris. “We need to figure out what it is, why it’s resistant and how to contain it,” he said.

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Source: CBN