There’s a Devil Loose: Texas Woman Beats Up Her Common-Law Husband Because He Didn’t Say She is Pretty

Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, 20, was arrested after she allegedly struck her common-law husband for not responding when she asked if she was pretty

A woman is accused of becoming violent over her common-law husband’s lack of response when she had asked him if she was pretty.

Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, 20, of Laredo, Texas, was met by police officers after they received an assault report on Tuesday night.

She told the police that her common-law husband had attacked and attempted to strangle her, according to the Laredo Morning Times. The accused husband gave authorities a differing version of events.

The husband said that Ramirez had become angered at him at the movies after he did not respond when she asked him if she was pretty.

He told police that he could not hear her at the time, but allegedly this lack of response led to Ramirez striking him multiple times on the car trip home.

According to the husband, once they arrived home she allegedly shoved him and hit him again when another relative tried to separate the two.

The relative also was allegedly struck by Ramirez who ended up being charged with two counts of assault and family violence.

Ramirez was released from Webb County Jail on Thursday on $16,000 bond.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Michael Nam