Family Photos of Meghan Markle Playing with Friends and Opening Birthday Presents at Family Party are Seen for the First Time

Congratulations! Mother Doria sits her toddler on her lap while opening a birthday card at what is believed to be Meghan’s second birthday party in a park in LA

Excitedly opening her birthday present at an alfresco family party, the pretty little girl is a study of anticipation. It is so hot that she is barefoot and wears only a pair of shorts.

And here she is on another golden day in the park, giggling impishly as she totters around in her striped summer frock; then squatting down on the grass to feed the pigeons under the protective gaze of her mother.

These delightful new photographs capture the infant Meghan Markle taking her first steps on the extraordinary journey that has led her from the obscurity of a Los Angeles suburb to the heart of the British establishment.

They are among dozens of evocative snapshots contained in a treasured and previously unseen family album shown exclusively to the Daily Mail by Meghan’s uncle, Joseph Johnson.

On Saturday, readers cooed over pictures of her as a baby, including her first-ever photo, taken just hours after her birth on August 4, 1981.

Today, from that same enchanting collection, we bring you more intimate images, showing Meghan as a bright, beautiful and mischievous toddler.

One rare photo, taken at a celebratory family meal, is particularly revealing. Cradled in her father Thomas’s bear-like arms — he is looking at her adoringly — her half-siblings Tom Junior and Samantha, then wholesome-looking teenagers, are seen seated further down the table.

As the adults laugh and joke at a table laden with her mother Doria’s home-cooked dishes, and drink wine from glass goblets, infant Meghan, a string of beads draped over her tousled hair, radiates contentment and security.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, David Jones and Hugo Daniel