23 People Adrift for Days in Gulf of Mexico Rescued by Coast Guard, Carnival Cruise Ship

Bruce Weaver/AFP/Getty

The United States Coast Guard teamed up with a Carnival cruise ship to rescue 23 people who had been stranded adrift for days in the Gulf of Mexico, the New York Post reported Sunday. The ordeal began when 22 Cubans set sail in a wooden boat from Cuba to Mexico. When their boat lost power, the group sailed adrift for three days. Another sailor found them, and took the group aboard his own sports-fishing boat—but that boat broke down, too, leaving the now 23-person group marooned for another three days. A brother of one of the original passengers reportedly contacted the Coast Guard, who coordinated with the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship, which was in the area. The cruise ship found the group within hours and took them aboard. No serious injuries were reported.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast