Multiple People Injured After Tornado Hits Town of Franklin, Texas, as Storm System Churns Across Southern US

Damage to the city of Franklin, Texas is seen after a tornado destroyed several structures on Saturday

A powerful storm system has ripped through a broad swath of Texas, with reports of ‘significant damage’ and injuries from a tornado in Franklin.

Multiple structures in Franklin were destroyed by a tornado on Saturday, as severe weather swept through eastern Texas toward Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

One mobile home was reportedly ripped from its foundations with a person inside. Multiple injuries have been reported, including two to children.

A triage center has been set up at the Methodist Church on Franklin’s Main Street, where at least seven injuries have been tagged, with at least six of them minor.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s office directed anyone unable to reach their home to gather at the First Baptist Church on Main Street in Franklin. The entire city is under a boil water notice.

At least 30 community members have sought shelter at the church, where an emergency shelter with food and water has been set up.

Emergency radio traffic indicated that search crews were having difficulty reaching damaged structures due to downed trees and power lines in the roadway.

Franklin is a city of about 1,560 residents located about 30 miles north of College Station.

A separate tornado also destroyed a home in Ratcliff, Texas, outside of Houston, on Saturday, injuring at least three people, according to the National Weather Service.

Winds of up to 60 mph were also reported on Saturday in Cherokee County, damaging two homes in Alto but not injuring anyone. Alto is about 140 miles north of Houston.

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Source: Daily Mail