100-Year-Old Christian Couple Shares Why and How They Stayed Together for 82 Years of Marriage

Willie Williams, 100 (R) and her husband Daniel W. Williams (L) have been married for 82 years. | Screenshot

Willie Williams’ joie de vivre was palpable as she spoke about the first time she met her 103-year-old husband, Daniel W. Williams.

At 100 years old, the devout Christian woman can’t remember all the details from the moment of their first meeting, but she knows that it’s the best memory she has of the man she’s been married to for the last 82 years.

She remembers they were at church. She was about 12 or 13. They were in Newberry, South Carolina.

“My best memory is when we first met,” she recalled from her Charlotte, North Carolina, home in a soft, warm Southern drawl in an interview with The Christian Post Wednesday.

“We met at church. I think we became friends and started talking to each other … that’s been such a long time,” she said.

A few years later when Willie turned 18 and Daniel was 21, the two would eventually marry. The exact details on how Daniel asked for her hand is also a bit fuzzy but Willie chuckled as she tried to imagine what he likely said.

“It’s been so long I forgot the exact words,” she said. “The only thing I could imagine he would say is ‘honey, would you marry me.’”

Daniel doesn’t hear so well these days but he remembers being struck by Willie’s beauty when they first met.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said a bit reluctantly before blurting out “her beauty!” when asked about what first attracted him to his wife.

The couple who have lived through wars, the Depression, and the civil rights era, recently had an anniversary party at the First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church in north Charlotte courtesy of their adoring family members. And Willie says despite their age, she and her husband are both “feeling fine thank you.”

“For our age I think we are [in very good health],” she said.

They still live independently for the most part. Willie cooks their meals and she gets help with cleaning, laundry, and groceries from her family.

As the years have gone by, says Willie, people from her community have sometimes reached out to them for advice on how they have managed to live so long together and their advice has remained the same.

“[They] want to know what we doing to have such a long life. And we try to just tell them, clean living,” said the devout Christian.

“Sometimes people will drink a lot and that’s not good for you. I don’t feel like drinking is a good thing for you,” she said.

When asked about her diet, Willie didn’t get very specific. She advises, however, that people should consume things that are good for their body.

“Just plain food, not too many rich foods,” she said of their diet. “We try to eat the right things. If you feel like its good for you, if you eat something and it doesn’t seem to do good for you, make you feel good, you don’t eat it anymore.”

She says for the most part, even if it’s hard to believe, she and her husband don’t take vitamins or are dependent on any medication to supplement their health.

“No, we don’t take vitamins,” she said chuckling proudly. “It’s hard to believe huh?”

The only medication beyond an unspecified pill taken daily that Willie admits to using on an as needed basis is Tylenol.

“Well, like Tylenol if you have a headache or something like that, yeah. You take that,” she said.

“If you mean we have to have a special type of medicine every day, we don’t do that. You don’t believe, but it’s the truth,” she said, laughing heartily.

Outside of attending church weekly and visits from family, Willie says she spends a lot of time with her husband every day and they enjoy a daily routine.

“Well, you get up and go out and get your paper. And we sit around the house and talk to each other. We have some sort of game or something we play,” she said. “We do [enjoy each other’s company]. We have been together so long, we do.”

The lifelong Baptists say their faith has been a big part of their longevity.

“We go to church every Sunday. That’s a must in our house. We must go to church. We were always taught to go in and it just stayed with us. Both of us go to church,” she said.

She insists that if people follow the Spirit of the Christian faith they would treat each other better and learn a lot more from each other.

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Source: Christian Post