Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Missouri Adopts Nashville Statement Affirming Traditional Biblical Stance on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality

A Baptist seminary based in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to adopt the Nashville Statement, a declaration from 2017 that affirmed a traditional biblical understanding of sexual ethics and gender identity.

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary announced Thursday that the school’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to adopt the statement at their spring meeting, April 8-9.

Midwestern Baptist President Jason Allen said that the move came in response to the increasing social acceptance of the LGBT movement in the United States.

“In light of ever-changing cultural norms and expectations toward marriage, gender, and sexuality, and in recognition that Southern Baptists are a confessional people, expecting their entities to maintain faithfulness to Holy Scripture and a clear witness to the world, Midwestern Seminary will strengthen its doctrinal clarity, witness, and legal standing by formally adopting the Nashville Statement,” stated Allen, according to the announcement.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, the group that released the statement, celebrated the news of Midwestern Baptist’s adoption of it.

“This is good news out of Kansas City, and it is exactly why the Nashville Statement was created in the first place — to assist churches and Christian ministries to articulate a biblically faithful confession of the Bible’s teaching about sexuality,” wrote CBMW President Denny Burk on Thursday.

“Thanks to President Jason Allen for his leadership in making this happen at Midwestern Seminary. The trustees have made a strong statement of conviction to serve as a guideline for their entire ministry. That can only bear good fruit in the days ahead.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski