Alabama Church Celebrates After Pastor Who Went Missing for Three Days is Found Safe

The Rev. Sid Burgess. | Twitter

It had been three days on Tuesday since Kay Burgess or anyone else in her family had heard from her nephew, the Rev. Sid Burgess. It had been three days too long so she made a frantic appeal for prayer to her friends online.

“Please pray for my nephew, Rev Sid Burgess, who went on a day hike in Alabama on Saturday and has not been heard from since. An intense search is still underway for him. Pray for his safety and that he will be returned to his wife, Melissa, their children and his Sister, Marthanna Brown very soon,” the retired nurse from Columbia, South Carolina, announced on Facebook.

Burgess, 70, served as pastor at Edgewood Presbyterian Church in Alabama from 1990 through his retirement in 2013, according to  He had last been seen just before 11 a.m. Saturday at White Creek Falls in Double Springs. He was supposed to be gone for just a day of hiking but when he didn’t return an intense and frantic search began.

The retired pastor’s vehicle was found at Randolph Trailhead on Sunday where he was supposed to be doing the day hike but he was nowhere to be found.  Authorities also had no way to track him because there was no cell phone service in the area. They searched for the pastor for 12 hours that day.

Edgewood Presbyterian Church member Julie Metheny told that the Rev. Joe Genau, the church’s current pastor, told the congregation on Sunday that their former pastor was missing.

“As you can imagine we were all in shock, devastated, heartbroken, scared, anxious,” Metheny said. “There was a very poignant prayer at the end of our service on Sunday.”

And the members kept praying.

On Monday, a search party went looking for the pastor again until bad weather forced them to suspend their efforts.

On Tuesday, church member Emma Richardson was among the volunteers who were about to head to Winston County to provide food to the search party looking for Burgess.

Burgess’ daughter expressed optimism that her father would be found on Facebook.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair