Tony Evans Warns the Family and Society Is on the Precipice of Disaster Because Satan Is Attacking Biblical Manhood

Dr. Tony Evans, president of The Urban Alternative, hopes his forthcoming film “Kingdom Men Rising” helps transform everyday men into the “biblical men” God wants them to be | Icon Media Group

Satan is determined to undermine men, destroy their God-given roles, and re-define the biblical definition of manhood because he wants to see the family unravel and society crumble, Pastor Tony Evans has warned.

“What we’re seeing, and will continue to see, is the decimation of the family, because the man is the foundation of the family, and the family is the foundation of society,” Evans, founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, told The Christian Post during a sit-down interview in Anaheim, California. “So, if we want to unravel the family and society, the best way is to get rid of men fulfilling their roles.”

“In Moses’s day and in Jesus’ day, they killed all the males because they wanted to control what was happening in a community of people among the Jews,” he continued. “So what the enemy is doing is trying to get rid of the males psychologically, emotionally, and functionally, and that’s what culture is currently doing.”

Evans, who is also the founder and president of The Urban Alternative, pointed out that in the African-American community, for example, almost 70 percent of children are born to single mothers, meaning the majority of children are raised without a positive male influence in their lives.

“Then, you’re on the precipice of disaster as a community,” he said. “Not because the women aren’t great, but you’ve asked them to do more than what they were created to do. So, getting back to the right view of marriage and a right view of family is critical, and that starts with the right view of man.”

The current chaplain of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks explained that the reason behind the current attack on manhood is twofold: “First of all, men have failed to be the men that God wants them to be, which has opened up a gap which has been filled with a re-definition of manhood and attacks against men,” he said. “So, it’s in part due to men’s failure.”

“The other thing that is happening outside of the men themselves is the shift in culture which has created some of this re-definition and brought about men abandoning their roles, dumbing down their roles, and rejecting their roles. So, there is a toxic environment against manhood, but unfortunately, we’ve contributed to it,” he added.

Evans is the host of “Kingdom Men Rising,” a forthcoming theatrical event that seeks to help men understand the biblical definition of manhood and equip them to become who God created them to be.

The documentary film is an extension of two of his books, Kingdom Man and No More Excuses, and takes an in-depth look at the current state of manhood before examining what God requires of men.

“Kingdom Men Rising” will feature former NFL coach and current television commentator Tony Dungy, former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna, former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown, musical artist Kirk Franklin, NFL executive Troy Vincent, Evans’ two sons (Jonathan and Anthony Evans) and two daughters (Priscilla Shirer and Chrystal Evans Hurst), and Evans’ nephew, Jonathan Pitts, whose wife Wynter died last year.

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Source: Christian Post