Shortage of Temporary Worker Visas Squeezes Small Businesses

A shortage of temporary foreign worker visas is making it almost impossible for landscapers and other non-agricultural businesses across the country to find enough employees.

“It’s my understanding that this fiscal year there were 33,000 available visas and upwards of 100,000 applicants just on the first day,” said Danielle Bane.

In 1991, Jesse Bane started a landscaping company with his family.

“My boys been helping me since they were little tiny,” Jesse Bane said.

Over the years Quality One, Inc. has grown into a successful business landing six-figure projects.

“We did go through a recruitment period, where we had nine applicants. One showed up for an interview,” Danielle Bane said.

“So you are trying to hire American workers? asked CBN News.

“We are. We are,” Danielle replied.

Shortage of American Workers

So the Banes had to look elsewhere.

“I was uneducated. I didn’t know a whole lot about the foreign worker program and I thought like many Americans think today, those guys are taking jobs. They are taking American jobs – no way,” said Jesse.

Turns out, the H-2B program is not like that.

It’s designed to let employers hire temporary foreign workers for non-agriculture jobs.

Companies must also show attempts to hire American workers before applying.

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Source: CBN