Hundreds of Christians Come Together for Day of Mourning in Richmond, Virginia, to Repent of Their Silence on Abortion

Hundreds of pro-life Christians came together on Saturday not to protest or rally but to repent for their silence and complicity in abortion.

“Something is desperately wrong with our hearts when we can drive by these abortion clinics every day and sit silently by and do nothing,” said Elizabeth Johnston, who organized the Day of Mourning in Richmond.

“We walked by the cries of these babies. We have to own this. We are in the 11th hour in our country. If we don’t turn from our wicked ways now as a nation, we are toast.”

Participants were dressed in black at the “solemn assembly” where they prayed and fasted, asking God for forgiveness for the prevalence of abortion in the United States.

“Today is not a pep rally, a fundraiser, a protest or a political meeting; … today is God’s,” said Johnston, widely known as the “Activist Mommy” on social media. “It’s the church getting the mote out of our own eyes.”

Too many congregations in the United States “have taken a seat on the sidelines” and are “not engaged in this important life and death issue,” she explained to The Christian Post.

“There are so many ways that God’s people can make a difference on the abortion issue. We could be active politically, we could be at the abortion clinics, praying and offering help to these women who feel very alone oftentimes.

“We could be adopting and fostering. If every church would adopt or foster one child, the orphan crisis in our nation would be over. I think a whole church can handle providing support for a family to adopt or foster a child.”

The Benham Brothers, the twin Christian entrepreneurs whose reality TV series was canceled in 2014 after LGBT activists protested their socially conservative views, stressed to Christians that this wasn’t a “political issue.” Rather, abortion should be considered a “Gospel issue.”

“Dad wasn’t out to be an abortion issue fighter, he was out to be a Kingdom advancer,” explained Jason Benham, referencing how his father, Philip, once baptized the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski