Greg Gordon: Independent Christian Bloggers and the Media’s Fascination When Leaders Fail

There seems to be an overwhelming fascination in evangelicalism with what is wrong. What do I mean by that? It seems that we are more than happy not just to report, but to share, like, and comment whenever we see any Christian leader fail in any type of way. The Christian media is often happy to promote these attention-grabbing pieces. Like feeding fresh bloody fish to a group of swarming sharks, the frenzy ensues as web links are made and a new viral news article is born at the great expense of the character of a Christian leader as well as the testimony of Christ.

Perhaps you think I am being too critical, but we should think about what we are doing. There is a lost world looking on as we quickly share articles that accuse brothers and sisters of things that are not provable facts in many cases. And, more importantly, we never pray or fast for these individuals, we simply feed on their demise for our daily entertainment.

But it gets worse. Many modern Christian news outlets find their sources with independent renegade bloggers who start blogs in order to criticize and find fault with others, especially a ministry or pastor that has hurt them somehow in the past. The internet is used for many constructive, beneficial things but sadly it is also used for many hurtful activities, one of them being to tear down the character of an individual or organization.

This could be expected amongst unbelievers. We think of national tabloids such as the National Enquirer where they look to find the most outlandish accusations or photos and make jest at people’s lives. Yet, within the Church are we to do the same practices? Unfortunately, there are a host of Christian bloggers who are engaging in these activities and, worse yet, mainstream Christian internet news have embraced them as the most credible sources of information for the next failure of a Christian leader or organization.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

These bloggers consider themselves judge, jury, and executioner at the same time. In almost every case where they helped to bring about the demise of a Christian leader, their insatiable appetite is never filled and they continually ask for more punishment, retribution, and supposed justice on the individuals. Essentially it is never enough, because some of the main motives behind their accusations are things like self-promotion, unforgiveness, or seeking popularity and acclaim. Once their articles are used and they receive the attention of thousands of Christians praising them in their work to destroy the character of a leader, they are propelled into a never-ending pursuit, enjoying all the attention they have received.

Yes, I have been personally guilty of reading many of these blogs and at times reading them for no other purpose than entertainment or fascination in what is happening. But as Christian believers we should be much higher than such things, since Scripture clearly tells us to not entertain a gossiper or person who slanders. Not long ago I published an article titled, “Francis Chan warns against division in the Church.” In the article Pastor Chan gives a great warning from the Scriptures where God says, “If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple” (1 Corinthians 3:17). The word picture Francis depicts is someone by the words of their mouth in gossip and slander (or words from their blog) taking a sledgehammer to the very temple of God, whom all true Christians are a part of. Imagine, in light of the Scripture shared, what God’s response is to one who continually participates in such activities of tearing down another.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Gordon