Priscilla Shirer Discusses the Difficulties of Being a Christian Woman in Hollywood and Having to Navigate Marriage, Family, and Work While Acting at National Religious Broadcasters’ International Christian Media Convention

Proclaim 19, the National Religious Broadcasters convention, NRB

For Christian women in entertainment, navigating the balancing act of marriage, family, and work is incredibly difficult and requires attuning to the Lord’s leading, says “War Room” actress Priscilla Shirer.

“There are seasons to a woman’s life, and certain things the Lord calls you to prioritize in one season are going to shift in another season,” Shirer said. “Our task is to tune in and ask the Lord, ‘What will honor You in this particular season of my life? What do I need to prioritize so that my priorities align with Yours during this season?’ And I give myself to those fully.”

“So what that has meant for me in ministry but also now … in film, is ‘Lord, I don’t want to do anything that is sucking me away from what I know is my priority for this season in my life,’” she continued. “I want to make sure that I don’t look back on rearing my children and realize that I actually missed the whole thing because I was making movies or writing books or speaking somewhere. I want to do that in a way that honors what I know is the priority for this season of my life when my children are at home.”

Shirer joined seven other women in the entertainment industry who spoke at the “Women in Entertainment” panel at Proclaim 19, the NRB’s International Christian Media Convention in Anaheim, California, moderated by Movieguide TV host Evy Baehr Carroll.

In addition to Shirer, panelists included “I Can Only Imagine” actress Madeline Carroll; Cindy Bond, CEO of Mission Pictures International; Jerilyn Esquibel, executive vice president of creative development for Kingdom Studios; Beverly Holloway, casting director and producer for Beverly Holloway Casting; Jackelyn Viera Iloff, senior advisor and director for Lakewood Movie Night and Joel Osteen Ministries; Shari Rigby, actress and director for The Women in My World; and Suzy Sammons, CMO and executive editor for Giving Company and

The women on the panel discussed a wide range of issues facing women in Hollywood, from cultivating a balance in home and work life to finding a voice in a male-dominated industry.

Shirer shared how her children are integrated into every aspect of her career, from helping on the set of “War Room” and participating in cast Bible studies to going on trips together. Ministry, she said, has been a “family endeavor.”

“If there have been any opportunities that have arisen where it was clear that those lines were going to be called into question and that it was going to pull me away from what I knew was the first priority, then what I know for this season is that that’s not the task for me,” she said. “It means that I have to say ‘no’ to a lot of things. But it means I get to say ‘yes’ to a whole lot of other things like being at my kid’s soccer game. That’s a big deal.”

“Every no is a simultaneous yes,” she added. “It’s a constant reprioritization. … It’s a constant thing that keeps us on our knees saying, ‘Lord, what will honor you in this season? How can I best organize my life so that I can prioritize what’s important to you?’”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett