Tony Evans Receives National Religious Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame Award

Tony Evans at Proclaim 19, the National Religious Broadcasters convention, NRB

Tony Evans received the NRB Hall of Fame Award, “a witness to excellence in Christian communication,” at the Closing Gala of Proclaim 19, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Anaheim, California.

The NRB Hall of Fame is “a showcase for warriors of Jesus Christ who have lived brave lives of valor and perseverance, who have blazed trails which will provide pathways for future generations to follow,” NRB board member Ed Cannon said March 29.

“This most prestigious award is reserved for National Religious Broadcasters members who have contributed in an extraordinary fashion to the field of Christian communication, demonstrated the highest standards of quality in their broadcasts, and have lived lives of dedication and faithfulness to Jesus Christ,” Cannon said before presenting the award to Evans, president of The Urban Alternative and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas.

“Whenever you see a turtle on a post,” Evans said, “you know it didn’t get there by itself, and I am not here without standing on the shoulders of others.”

Evans expressed gratitude “for the many friends, the many relationships, the many opportunities that have come because of my association with the National Religious Broadcasters.”

“It is my expectation that in the days, months, and years to come – if Christ be not come – that we’ve only begun to see the influence that this organization can make in bringing Christ to a chaotic world,” Evans said.

“God has set the stage for us. This is perfect timing. An afraid culture. The left way over here, the right way over here, leaving a gap in the middle, and nature abhors a vacuum,” Evans said. “If we fill in that space with the will of God and the Word of God and the power of God and the presence of God, then we can see what God looks like when He comes into a mess and creates a miracle.”

Jesus told believers to occupy until He comes, Evans said.

“If He comes tomorrow, then we don’t have to worry about all of this. But what if He doesn’t come for another 200 years? Then we better worry about all of this. … If He does not come back tomorrow, our voices better be heard,” Evans said. “Politics won’t fix it. Social science can’t change it. Seminars and secular education can’t inform it. Only as the content and the scope of the Gospel is proclaimed.”

The content of the Gospel is narrow – faith alone in Christ alone, Evans said, but the scope of the Gospel is broad, reaching all of the world.

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SOURCE: National Religious Broadcasters, Erin Roach