Survey Says Young Israelis Want Netanyahu to Remain Prime Minister While Older Citizens Lean Towards His Rival

Israel is just days away from deciding the fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the April 9 elections.

A pre-election survey from the Israel Democracy Institute has found that 42.5 percent of Israelis prefer Netanyahu,  while 40.5 percent favor “Blue and White” leader Benny Gantz.

However, support for the two candidates is divided by age.

The older the age group polled, the more likely they were to prefer Gantz over Netanyahu, The Times of Israel reports.

“In the 25- to 34-year-old group, Netanyahu wins 54%-33%,” the paper says. “Among 35- to 44-year-olds, Netanyahu wins 64%-24%, while in the 45-54 and 55-64 age bracket, Gantz edges ahead at 48%-46% and 47%-41%, respectively.”

“Among Israelis 65 and older, Gantz beat Netanyahu 53% to 35%. Among those 18-24, however, Netanyahu beat Gantz by a nearly 50-point margin of 65% to 17%,” the paper continues.

Despite Netanyahu’s great advantage among young people and Israel’s overall preference for a right-leaning government, Netanyahu says his victory isn’t certain.

He told Israel Hayom Thursday that complacency is a big threat for to his leadership.

“We’re very close to losing the battle,” Netanyahu said. “We found a factor we hadn’t noticed until last night. That factor is that what we have here is opposite of 2015,”

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Source: CBN