CCTV Captures Peruvian Boy Doing His Homework Near a Street Lamp Because His Mother Cant Afford to Pay Their Electric Bill

A heartbreaking video shows a 12-year-old boy having to complete his homework outside under a street lamp because his mother can’t afford electricity in their home.

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba, of northwest Peru, was seen on CCTV lying face down on a sidewalk across the street from the light pole while he completed his daily homework assignment.

The surveillance video subsequently showed the focused student sitting up on the edge of the pavement and using an eraser to correct a mistake on his notebook.

And despite his disadvantages at home, Angulo Córdoba has been able to maintain good grades at school. The youngest of three siblings, he dreams of becoming a police officer.

He says he wants to be a member of law enforcement is because he wants to put an end to corruption in his country.

‘I want to help my family progress,’ he told Panamericana TV.

Rosa Córdoba Angulo, the boy’s mother, says she did not have the money to pay the electrical service provider to install a meter in her home.

‘That’s my problem since I don’t have electricity,’ a saddened Córdoba Angulo said.

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Source: Daily Mail