WATCH: Former Transgender Walt Heyer Who Now Regrets His Sex Change Says Scientists Are ‘Manufacturing Transgender Kids’ and ‘Ruining an Entire Generation of Young People’

A man who underwent a sex change and now regrets it is urging people to resist transgender medicine and related therapies, saying we are medically “manufacturing” children as transgender and abusing them.

Speaking on a panel before a small crowd gathered at the Heritage Foundation Thursday, Walt Heyer, a man who formerly lived and identified as a transgender woman named Laura for eight years. He underwent surgery in 1983 and spoke of his experience of being psychologically abused and how that contributed to significant discomfort with his body. This is now playing out on a massive scale, he said, and the medical establishment is pushing these dangerous hormonal treatments and surgical interventions on thousands of young people.

Heyer is the founder of Sex Change Regret and is reportedly hearing from many more people who now feel as he does.

“We get letters from parents or the transgenders themselves asking for help, after they’ve lived the life like I did for five, six, 15, 18, 20, all the way up to 30 years. And they are saying ‘Walt, can you help me de-transition. This was the biggest mistake of my life.'”

He recently helped a schoolteacher, a pharmacist, and his good friend Jamie Shupe, the first man to be legally recognized in the United States as “non-binary.”

“I think it’s important for us to realize that there is nothing good about affirming a young boy at four years old like my grandma did me,” he said.

Heyer’s grandmother put him a purple chiffon dress and told him how wonderful he looked, which confused him. Children should not be sent those kinds of messages because it communicates that there is something wrong with them, Heyer said.

“That is child abuse,” he asserted. “We need to be calling it what it is. It’s not affirming a child. It’s causing them to be depressed and anxious about who they are.”

“The only reason I am able to speak to you today is because after 46 years dealing with this issue, I was able to de-transition in 1990 after I had psychotherapy, the very same psychotherapy [transgender activists] are trying to prevent people from having. Why? Because they don’t want them to de-transition.”

“It’s painful to get these emails from people whose lives have been totally torn apart.”

The entire basis of much of transgender medicalization is self-diagnosis.

“We are manufacturing transgender kids,” he asserted.

“We are manufacturing their depression, their anxiety, and it has turned into a huge industry that people are profiting from after kids lives are completely torn apart.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter