Trump Administration on Track to Resettle Far Fewer Refugees Than Record Low Ceiling Allows

The Trump administration is on track to resettle far fewer refugees than their historically low ceiling allows, according to a report from World Relief.

Last September, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that no more than 30,000 refugees will be resettled to the U.S. in fiscal year 2019, which is Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019.

Pompeo blamed a “defective” vetting process and a backlog of approximately 800,000 refugees for the decision to reduce the resettlement cap.

The 30,000-refugee cap is the lowest ceiling number set by any administration since the passing of the Refugee Act in 1980 and was also 15,000 below the cap for fiscal year 2018.

World Relief released a report on Tuesday which noted that, halfway through the fiscal year, the administration is on track to resettle about 5,600 fewer refugees than the ceiling would allow.

The projected total of approximately 24,300 refugees is only about one-third the average number of refugees welcomed into the United States since 1980, which is approximately 75,000.

This decline in refugee resettlement is hurting a number of persecuted religious minorities, including Christians fleeing intolerant Muslim-majority nations like Iran, Pakistan, and Syria.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski