Michigan Health Center Accused of Stopping Senior Citizens from Explaining the True Meaning of Christmas to Children Who Were Visiting

Joan and Wilma

A conservative law firm has accused a Michigan-based health center of censoring two senior citizens who attempted to explain the religious meaning of Christmas to visiting children.

The First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center on Thursday on behalf of two residents of Kalkaska Senior Living Center.

At issue was an incident last December in which students from the Center’s Child Development Center and Preschool visited the assisted living residents.

During the visit, residents were allowed to read Christmas-themed stories to the children. However, when resident Wilma Wells tried to explain why people celebrate Christmas, an unnamed teacher reportedly told her not to.

Later, according to First Liberty’s letter, another resident named Joan Wilson was reading “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to some children. When she attempted to explain the part where the nativity was mentioned, the unnamed teacher abruptly ended the visit.

“As a government-owned facility, the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center is subject to the constraints of the U.S. Constitution through the Fourteenth Amendment,” wrote Michael Berry of First Liberty.

“Here, the CDCP teacher’s actions constitute unlawful discrimination and violate the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski