Michigan County Health Department Removes Billboard Accused of Being Pro-Abortion and Apologizes

A Michigan county health department took down a controversial billboard critics claimed was pro-abortion and released a statement apologizing for its content.

The Sandusky-based Sanilac County Health Department posted a billboard ad last month captioned “You Can Choose” that featured a photo of a distraught pregnant young woman next to a photo of a happy nonpregnant young woman in graduation attire.

“Take control of your future,” says the Health Department’s billboard, which includes a phone number for the department.

Groups like the Michigan chapter of Right to Life denounced the message of the billboard, posting about it on their Twitter page.

“The Sanilac County Health Department put this new billboard up. This is the abortion mindset that pits mother against child. Is this the best we can do to advertise health services?” tweeted the pro-life group.

Also outraged, Protect Life Michigan commented on Facebook: “Is it just us, or does it seem like they’re telling women that we have to choose between being mothers or being successful?!”

In response to the outcry, the county department released a statement apologizing for the content of the billboard, noting that they “appreciate the many members of our community that contacted us with their apprehension for the messaging that is perceived on the billboard.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski