Jim Daly: Faith-based Adoption Agencies in Michigan Being Forced to Violate Their Religious Convictions and Place Children With Same-sex Couples or Face Losing All State Funding

Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel caved to the ACLU and announced Michigan will force faith-based adoption agencies to violate their religious convictions or lose all state funding that make adoptions and foster care placements possible. 

Nessel, the first openly gay candidate to win statewide office in Michigan, astoundingly stated that Michigan’s existing law providing religious conscience protections for faith-based adoption agencies prevented kids from finding forever homes:

“Limiting the opportunity for a child to be adopted or fostered by a loving home not only goes against the state’s goal of finding a home for every child, it is a direct violation of the contract every child-placing agency enters into with the state.”

Ms. Nessel is entitled to her opinions, but not her own facts. In all due respect, her statement is nonsense.

According to the state, agencies such as Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Charities were responsible for 12 percent of all foster care and adoption cases in Michigan — that’s 1,600 children.

Meanwhile, there are a number of other child-placing agencies willing to work with prospective parents who identify as LGBT. In fact, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty who represented St. Vincent Catholic Charities notes that “the ACLU’s clients live closer to four other foster and adoption agencies that would have helped them adopt. Instead of going to these agencies, they have spent years targeting St. Vincent and trying to shut down their programs.”

In other words, LGBT couples who want to find an agency to work with in Michigan can easily find one.

If the goal is really to find a home for every child, how does it make sense to severely hinder faith-based adoption agencies from doing just that in the name of solving a problem that doesn’t exist?

It doesn’t, unless the real goal is to score political points by marginalizing and sidelining Christians.

Every day, we’re seeing greater hostility to people of faith in our nation, and the epicenter is the clash between religious freedom and LGBT rights.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jim Daly