Florida Pastor Says ‘God’s Presence Can’t be Stolen’ After Church’s Trailer Containing All of Its Belongings is Stolen from Parking Lot

A Florida pastor says his entire church was stolen when a van containing all the contents was taken from a parking lot.

Pastor Daniel Rios Jr. of Square Root Church in Cooper City, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale posted on Facebook a surveillance video of the theft, which occurred Friday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Rios believes whoever stole the trailer is not aware of its contents.

“My hope is that this person will get into the trailer, see what’s in it, and have a heart and bring it back,” Rios said.

“He may not even care what’s on the inside [because] the trailer itself is worth $5,000.”

Square Root Church is held in a rented building and the theft was not discovered until members showed up Sunday to set up for the service. Among the stolen items were coffee machines, drapes, signs, and audio-visual equipment and nursery items used in children’s ministry.

The surveillance video footage shows someone driving up in a pickup truck, who then walks around the trailer, cuts the locks off and hooks the trailer to the pickup and then drives off.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter