Eating a Few Bites of Dark Chocolate Daily Can Improve Your Blood Pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure? Take a bite of dark chocolate every day and see the difference.

Do you have a sweet tooth and can’t control your chocolate cravings? Well, here’s some good news for you. With all the goodness of dark chocolate, it has also been found out that it can help lower blood pressure, especially for people with hypertension.

Recently, a Harvard study analysed 24 chocolate studies involving 1,106 people. It found that “dark chocolate, the kind that contains at least 50 to 70 percent cocoa, lowered blood pressure in all participants, but most notably in those with hypertension”.

Manjari Chandra, Consultant – Nutrition at Max Multi Specialty Center says, “Dark chocolate as compared to other forms of chocolate contains high amounts of cocoa. Cocoa is very rich in flavonoids that are known to reduce blood pressure and make your heart healthy. Flavonoids also help manage blood sugar better and are diabetic friendly.”

Chandra adds, “Flavonoids also trigger the expression of skinny genes and as a result, people can also lose weight with the consumption of dark chocolate.”

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SOURCE: Pinkvilla