Well, Looky Here: Mika Brzezinski, Meghan McCain, and Whoopi Goldberg Say They Don’t Want Uncle Joe Biden to Stop Hugging Them, Kissing Them, Smelling Their Hair, and Holding Their Hands. Whatever Happened to Time’s Up and Me Too?

Mika Brzezinski
Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski was once again defending the other Joe in her life on Tuesday, as she spoke about the inappropriate touching controversy engulfing former vice president Biden on her MSNBC morning show.

The Morning Joe host once again criticized members of the Democratic party who were choosing to criticize Biden while also lamenting what could come of this scandal as it pertained to her relationship with the Delaware congressman.

‘I think the next time I see Joe Biden and he doesn’t hug me, and give me a kiss and hold my hand while we’re talking to you, that’s the new Joe Biden, and that’s not the Joe Biden I knew,’ said Brzezinski.

‘He’s a nice guy, he’s not a predator, and this is ridiculous. Let me just say it, this is ridiculous.’

She then took things a step further by suggesting an attack on Biden could be akin to a vote for President Trump.

Meghan McCain has defended Joe Biden after the former Vice President was hit by claims that he inappropriately touched women.

The View host called the rumored 2020 hopeful ‘one of the truly decent and compassionate men in all of American politics.’

She explained that the politician had been there for her when her father, the late Arizona Sen. John McCain died in August of brain cancer, as his son suffered the same diagnosis before his death in 2015 aged 46.

Taking to Twitter she said: ‘He has helped me through my father’s diagnosis, treatment and ultimate passing more than anyone of my father’s friends combined.

‘I wish there was more empathy from our politicians not less.’

It comes as the former Vice President was accused of touching another woman, in 2009, without her consent in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

The women of The View have largely spoken out vouching for former Vice President Joe Biden, amid allegations of inappropriate contact lodged by multiple women during his time in office.

Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar defended Biden on Monday’s airing of the daytime talk show, while Abby Huntsman questioned the motives of women speaking out across the #MeToo movement, in general.

Sunny Hostin was the only woman to bring up the power dynamic at play with a political figure such as Biden, but called his responses to allegations ‘appropriate,’ adding, ‘I don’t know if we’ll see any more smelling of hair and kisses.’

That bothered Goldberg, who then said, ‘That p****s me off. I’m telling you… I don’t want Joe to stop doing that.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail