“A Dog Named Salvation” Shares the Life and Lessons of an Incredible Dog With the World

Millions have attested to the powerful relationships that develop between dogs and their humans. Almost every person blessed to have a dog as a member of their family has dozens of stories of how that canine friend has added light and joy and beauty to their days. A Dog Named Sal is a new book by Danyelle Whyte, her siblings, and her father, that adds another entry in the long-standing library recounting the friendship between man and “man’s best friend.”

This book is about a special dog named Sal who came to the family on Danyelle’s seventh birthday. Danyelle writes with her father, Daniel Whyte III, “Salvation was a beautiful King Charles Cocker Spaniel who turned out to be the best member of our family. And she taught us many lessons that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

“For example, Sal taught us that we all must stick together and care for each other. Wherever we were, Sal wanted to be with us. We took her on about a dozen long-distance road trips and she was always a great companion.

“Sal taught us to practice patience. She was a very patient dog and endured the ups-and-downs of family life like a pro. She never complained or whined even when she was hungry or sick. She always had a brave and uplifting spirit.

“Sal was also a very joyful dog who brought joy to our family. Every pet-lover knows that there is nothing better than the feeling of your furry family member resting in your arms or sitting by you watching you with curious eyes as you work or rushing to sniff your feet and say hello when you get home. Sal brought much joy to our lives and is a reminder that we should live to bring joy to others as well.”

This book tells Sal’s story and explores the many lessons she taught the family. It also contains helpful advice for those dealing with the loss of a dog and resources for those dealing with a dog who is ill.

A Dog Named Salvation is available now on  Amazon Kindle.