James Dobson’s Family Institute Wins Major Legal Victory Against Obamacare Abortion Mandate

Dr. James Dobson

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Institute has won a big legal victory, securing the right to follow their pro-life Christian beliefs.

The five-year legal fight was all about the Obamacare abortion coverage mandate which was being used to force Christian organizations to violate their biblical values.

A federal district court ruled on Tuesday the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute and its “Family Talk” radio program do not have to provide the type of healthcare coverage that leads to abortions. The court declared that the Obamacare abortion mandate – which forced even Christian ministries to provide abortion-inducing drugs – violates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Dr. James Dobson issued this statement celebrating the ruling: “The assault on religious freedom launched against us and those who share our values has finally been repelled. We are grateful to God and to our supporters for standing with us as we fought for all those like us.”

“Because of this ruling, every religious institution—not just ours—has greater legal standing to combat the threats of extinction unless they provide a health plan that includes abortion-inducing drugs. In addition, precedents are now set in the law that will make it much harder for governments, whether federal, state, or local, to attempt to so brazenly disregard our religious liberties in the future. Yet, it is still true that the price of liberty is determined vigilance,” he says.

“Religious organizations have the freedom to peacefully operate according to their beliefs without the threat of punishment by the government. Tuesday’s order fully affirms that freedom and provides the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute with permanent protection from the mandate,” said Gregory S. Baylor, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

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Source: CBN