WATCH: Pennsylvania Lawmaker’s Prayer Mentioning Jesus, Support for Israel, and Asking God for Forgiveness Criticized for Being ‘Islamophobic’

A Pennsylvania state legislator has garnered controversy for delivering an opening prayer that critics labeled “Islamophobic” for its multiple mentions of Jesus and support for Israel.

State Representative Stephanie Borowicz delivered a nearly two-minute long prayer to open up a legislative session Monday, wherein she mentioned Jesus by name several times, thanked God for President Donald Trump’s support for Israel, and quoted from the Bible.

“God forgive us,” prayed Borowicz. “Jesus, we’ve lost sight of You. We’ve forgotten You, God in our country. And we’re asking You to forgive us, Jesus … Jesus, You are our only hope.”

Borowicz posted the prayer on her Facebook page where it has gotten nearly a thousand “angry” reactions, a near equal number of likes, and 886 “loves.” It also has over 5,600 comments from opponents and supporters.

The invocation received criticism from many, including Movita Johnson-Harrell, who later that day became the first Muslim woman sworn in as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

In an interview with on Tuesday, Johnson-Harrell labeled Borowicz’s prayer a “political radical statement masked as a prayer.”

“I think it was offensive to me and my family and my visitors that came down here for a joyous day,” said Johnson-Harrell, adding that “everyone was offended” in the religiously diverse group she brought to watch her swearing-in.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski