WATCH: Give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Some Credit: She Stops Audience Member Who Shouted Insult at Republican Congressman During Town Hall

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared for an hour-long town hall on MSNBC Friday evening to discuss her Green New Deal proposal and the issue of climate change but things got heated when an audience member called a former Republican congressman a “moron” during a debate. 

While discussing the bill, former Rep. Bob Inglis, a Republican from South Carolina who lost his seat in Congress due to his ideas to combat climate change, said he didn’t believe the Green New Deal could be done within one Congress (two years). He also voiced worries that holding a left-leaning event calling for attention to climate change could disenfranchise moderates or Republicans.

“I worry that what we do is if we have basically the mirror image of a Trump rally on climate change that we drive all the people away that could come our way and solve this thing now,” Inglis said, adding that “You can’t do it in a single congress —the entire Green New Deal. It is literally impossible.”

He ended with a question, saying that if we take on climate change head-on if we could later come back to issues like universal basic income and healthcare, which have left Congress notoriously divided.

His comments led to loud groans from the audience, many of whom appeared to be fans of Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat. Some shouted “No!” One audience member shouted: “You moron!”

Ocasio-Cortez was readying to respond when she heard the audience member and stopped.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! That’s unacceptable,” Ocasio-Cortez said as she pointed her finger at the audience member. Then, looking back at Inglis, she added: “And that’s the difference between me and Trump.”

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SOURCE: Christal Hayes, USA TODAY