Rory McIlory Falls to Tiger Woods, Angrily Snubs Media, But Later Apologizes

Rory McIlroy had a rough day Saturday. (Photo: Getty Images)
Rory McIlroy had a rough day Saturday. (Photo: Getty Images)

Rory McIlroy’s visit to the 16th hole at Austin Country Club started well enough — a 395-yard drive uphill.

It ended with a wave of concession to Tiger Woods.

Everything that happened in-between those two occurrences in Saturday’s Sweet 16 match against Woods left onlookers stunned, and left McIlroy shook and angry enough that he refused to talk with the media after he lost the match, 2 and 1, on the next hole. Saturday afternoon, McIlroy apologized to the media through a post on Instagram, writing, “I want to apologize to the media for not giving them any of my time after the match this morning.”

Just as quickly as conditions changed when a storm front moved in 90 minutes earlier, McIlroy’s fortunes took a turn for the worse with an errant approach on the par-5 hole. With just 172 yards to go, and momentum on his side, McIlroy pushed his short iron and left himself in a delicate position just a yard outside a greenside bunker.

Woods, meanwhile, whose once 3-up lead was down to 1 up, had been forced to lay up after his drive came to rest against a wall in a bunker. His third reached the green, and he stood by as McIlroy started to unravel.

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SOURCE: Steve DiMeglio, Golfweek