Grace Bible Chapel in Indiana Receives $10,000 Grant from UPS Foundation

Grace Bible Chapel received a $10,000 grant from The UPS Foundation, which drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic programs for UPS.

The grant will be used toward:

• Assisting homeless and needy families and individuals in securing housing, transportation, food, clothing, furniture, repairs, improvements

• Working directly with the residents in the homeless shelter and personal care homes

• Assisting first responders with their various service programs and fundraising and recognition

• Assisting the local parks with the maintenance and safety.

• Providing Bible-based spiritual counseling, support and problem solving skills to any with needs or who request assistance. This includes substance abuse, suicide, financial problems, budgeting, priority setting and conflict resolution.

• Assisting with community environmental needs and property aesthetics

“This grant will enable Grace Bible Chapel to expand the services in which the congregation has already been working,” Pastor John Johnson said. “There are numerous challenges in this community, but there are noticeable efforts being made by various groups and individuals to improve conditions and assist individuals, families and cooperating community organizations to improve quality of life.”

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SOURCE: The Indiana Gazette