Michael Brown: Five Reasons Christians Stay Silent While Innocent People Suffer

It’s easy to look back at previous generations and pass judgment on them. “If I had been there in the days of slavery,” we think, “I would have spoken out.” Or, “If I was a Christian in Europe during the Holocaust, I would have rescued Jews.”

Unfortunately, when faced with injustice in our own day, including the slaughter of the innocent, so many of us are silent. Why?

One reason is that the suffering is often out of sight and therefore out of mind. How many of us even know where an abortion clinic is located in our city? How many of us interact on a regular basis with those affected by abortion?

When it came to the Nazi Holocaust, many citizens were aware of what was going on. But many others were not. At least, not in full.

That makes it all too easy for us to stay on the sidelines. We’re hardly aware of what’s happening right in our own backyards.

And that leads to a second reason for our silence and inaction, but this one is more serious.

I’m talking about denial. About looking the other way. About closing our eyes so we don’t have to deal with the harsh realities of oppression and human pain.

Segregation may be happening, but I’ll just stay on the Whites Only side.

Slavery may be real, but I don’t personally know any slaves.

How nice it feels to choose blissful ignorance!

Thankfully, many Christians are pricked in their consciences and they know they need to stand up, speak out, take action. Yet still, they don’t. Why?

The answer to that question leads to the third reason for our inaction: fear. Paralyzing fear. Crippling fear. Debilitating fear. Intimidating fear.

In Nazi Europe, that fear could be intense.

You rescued a Jew at the very real risk of your own life – or the lives of your family members. You spoke out against the Nazis at the risk of your career, your future, your very existence.

And the Nazis were demented in their implementation of evil, meaning that you had no idea what might come your way if you opposed their agenda.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown