Artificial Intelligence Model ‘Accurately’ Predicts When Chronically Ill Patients Will Die

AI may be able to predict when patients battling chronic diseases will die, research suggests.

Scientists and doctors used data from half a million people to develop the tool that foresees who is at risk of an early death.

It takes into account everything from a patient’s family history of disease and how much salt they eat, to medication use and whether they wear sunscreen.

Researchers said the AI system was ‘very accurate’ in tests and around 10 per cent more reliable than estimations by existing machine-learning systems.

The research was carried out by the University of Nottingham and led by Dr Stephen Weng, an assistant professor of epidemiology and data science.

‘Preventative healthcare is a growing priority in the fight against serious diseases,’ Dr Weng said.

‘So we have been working for a number of years to improve the accuracy of computerised health risk assessment in the general population.

‘Most applications focus on a single disease area but predicting death due to several different disease outcomes is highly complex, especially given environmental and individual factors that may affect them.

‘We have taken a major step forward in this field by developing a unique and holistic approach to predicting a person’s risk of premature death by machine-learning.’

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