Tom Brokaw Reveals He Takes Medical Marijuana to Relieve Pain From Blood Cancer

Tom Brokaw is taking and promoting medical marijuana.

The 79-year-old Emmy-winning newscaster, known for his straight-laced views, revealed on Tuesday that he turned to the drug to ease his pain from multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

Brokaw’s disease in currently under control, and cannabis, which is legal in his winter-home state of Florida, is providing some relief from the lingering pain in his bones.

Speaking in a video for cancer site SurvivorNet, he said the drug is giving him back his quality of life.

‘I’m now on medical marijuana for my back for the first time, I’ve not done that before but in Florida it’s complex,’ Brokaw said in the video, adding that his main aim in the next to years is ‘to remain vertical.’

Marijuana isn’t the only lifestyle change he’s made: the revered anchor says he no longer drinks out of plastic water bottles after ‘a leading cancer researcher’ suggested they may be linked to cancer – a thriving myth that many scientists warn is an extrapolation.

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Source: Daily Mail