World Help Sending Relief and Aid to Zimbabwe After Devastating Cyclone Idai

A Virginia-based Christian aid group is facilitating relief to Zimbabwe following a devastating cyclone earlier this week.

Cyclone Idai, which besieged southern Africa last Sunday, tore across Mozambique with over 100 miles per hour winds and struck Zimbabwe with brutal force, causing floods and landslides. The nation has declared a state of emergency.

In an interview with Mark Hogsed, vice president of global programs for World Help, said their ministry partner on the ground has explained to them that the storm hit an area where people were already struggling, compounding the problem. The heavy rains and winds accompanied by floods carried many away in their sleep, while homes also collapsed. Hundreds have lost their lives and many more remain missing, he explained.

“Zimbabwe has constantly struggled with food insecurity even in some of their [better] times, so this is further complicating the food shortages” as the cyclone has wreaked havoc on their crops.

“We’re trying to meet their most urgent needs with food and personal care kits,” he said.

Sources have informed World Help that the lack of clean water is a major issue as wells and water pipes have been damaged as have roads and sources of power.

World Help’s efforts are focused on assisting the Chipinge and Chimanimani in Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe, largely rural communities.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter