Actors in ‘Breakthrough’ Share How Miraculous True Story of Boy’s Resurrection Has Impacted Their Lives

Hollywood actors starring in the upcoming film “Breakthrough” said they were moved to tears and felt like they  had been given a gift when they first read the script.

After being rescued from an icy lake, John Smith was pronounced dead at a hospital after doctors were unable to resuscitate him. But John’s mother was determined not to give up on her son, and she prayed and cried out to God that her child would be brought back to life, and he was.

“When I was given the gift of even reading the script I was so moved by it,” Chrissy Metz, who plays Joyce Smith, John’s mother in the film, told The Christian Post in a recent interview on the movie set in Canada. “Because we’re all looking for something greater than ourselves, and we’re all trying to figure it out and do the best we can in the process.

“I’ve had some hardships myself,” Metz said, “obviously not to this degree, but things that were really trying. And the only thing that sort of kept me going was my faith.”

“Breakthrough” tells the miraculous account of Joyce and John Smith, a mother and son who rely on the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit during one of life’s most tragic moments. Chrissy Metz (“This is Us”) plays the role of Joyce Smith and actor Josh Lucas (“Sweet Home Alabama”) plays her husband. Marcel Ruiz (“One Day at a Time”) portrays her son, John, who was pronounced dead for 45 minutes until God answered the desperate mother’s prayer.

Fifteen-year-old Marcel Ruiz said the script actually brought him to tears.

“I had to do the big speech where just after the accident he realizes what everyone did for him, prayed for him — that was really powerful,” Ruiz said. “I liked how the whole community came together. After that, I read the whole script and it was the first time I read something and I cried.”

Josh Lucas, who plays John Smith’s on-screen father, Brian Smith, said he tapped into his real-life role as a father for his part in the film.

“I think anyone who has a child, this is one of the most terrifying, painful things you can go through. In this case, it ends so extraordinary and sad in such a beautiful way,” Lucas explained.

“It’s also a script and a story that genuinely gave me goosebumps and as I described it to myself, and my son, who’s 5 years old, and the people around me in my life, it’s a story that people thought was just so beautiful and people are very excited about it,” he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law