Vanderbilt Hospital Sued for $25 Million After Doctors Operated on the Wrong Kidney and Woman is Left With Damaged Urinary System and Needs Dialysis for Life

A Tennessee woman is suing Vanderbilt University Medical Center after doctors operated on the wrong kidney during her surgery.

Carla Miller, a nursing assistant from Jackson, was due to get a small mesh tube put in her left kidney and bladder in November 2017 because the passageway was at risk of collapsing.

However, despite three safeguards to remind doctors where to operate, the team placed the stent in her right kidney.

Miller says the error damaged her urinary system, required a second surgery, and she now needs dialysis for life.

She is demanding $25 million in damages in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the Tennessean reports.

Vanderbilt officials declined to comment.

The US Department of Health and Human Services says wrong-site surgeries are ‘vivid and terrifying errors’ that can signal underlying problems at hospitals.

The lawsuit is a blow for Vanderbilt, which has recently been battling other, similar lawsuits.

Last month, another lawsuit claimed a Vanderbilt patient died when an unsupervised resident botched a routine procedure.

Then, a former Vanderbilt nurse was indicted on charges of accidentally administering a lethal dose of a paralyzing drug.

Those alleged cases, and Miller’s, all took place in 2017.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Mia de Graaf