WATCH: Ray Comfort’s Film “7 Reasons” Challenges Pro-Choice Advocates to Rethink Their Support of Abortion

Is abortion moral? Is current U.S. law too permissive? Are there circumstances that make terminating a pregnancy an ethical choice? These are just a few of the loaded questions at the heart of the ever-contentious abortion debate.

They’re also topics that are creatively grappled within filmmaker Ray Comfort’s riveting new film “7 Reasons.” The movie, which released on March 15 at, will challenge viewers to think deeper about the abortion debate, as Comfort asks a variety of men and women about their beliefs on abortion — and whether it really is truly a woman’s right to choose.

“I feel like it’s a woman’s right to choose,” one interviewee responds. “We have rights over our own body.” Others are seen agreeing with this conclusion.

Those featured in “7 Reasons” give a variety of justifications for why they believe abortion should be permissible. From the inconvenience of pregnancy to parental incompetence, the circumstances offered up were sweeping.

Some argued that fetuses simply aren’t babies — or that some women seeking abortions are justified in doing so, as they aren’t ready for the responsibility of being a parent.

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SOURCE:, Billy Hallowell