Michael Brown: Google vs. the Word of God

We have now learned more about Google’s decision last year to ban my ministry from advertising our video “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” on YouTube. According to a new report, “Google banned a video explaining Christian teaching on same-sex marriage from advertising on YouTube after backlash from upset employees, according to internal Google communications reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

So, enough employees got upset about our video – the dreaded “microagressions”! – that the complaints made their way to Google VP Vishal Sharma, who agreed that YouTube had no business accepting advertising for a video like this.

But before I share Sharma’s actual words with you, please do a little experiment.

Take 6 minutes to watch the video and ask yourself several questions.

First, do I make any major points that are not explicitly biblical? In other words, am I making stuff up as I go along or am I citing Scripture, fairly and in context?

Second, do I express hatred against any group on the video? Is there anything in the video that could be called homophobic?

Third, do I state clearly that Jesus died for all, loves all, and offers redemption and transformation to all? Have I excluded any individual or group from God’s redeeming love?

Fourth, is there a single statement in the entire Bible affirming homosexual practice or homosexual relationships? (It’s notable that on different debates on the subject, my opponents were not able to produce a single scripture to support their views. See hereand here.)

Why, then, did Sharma end up agreeing with his offended workers?

In response to those employees who brought our video to his attention he wrote, “It means a lot to me personally and those of us working on this across the Ads and YouTube teams. YouTube is an open platform and we support the free expression of creators with a wide range of views.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown