WATCH: Picture of the Lord’s Prayer Saves 70-Year-Old Kansas Woman from Bullet That Struck Her Home

Image source: YouTube via CBS Local News

A Kansas woman has praised God after being miraculously saved by a framed photo of the Lord’s prayer. Constance Effie, 70, said that the prized item had stopped a bullet from striking her after a gun was fired at her home in Kansas City.

“All of a sudden ‘boom.’ I thought I was in a war zone because that was the loudest noise I ever heard,” Effie told Fox4KC. Alone with her elderly husband, Effie was terrified after realizing that someone had opened fire on her house. But this fear quickly turned into faith-filled praise after the couple realized their lives had been spared by a framed copy of the Lord’s prayer.

The bullet had struck the frame, shattering the glass.

“We looked all around and didn’t see a hole anywhere. I thought, ‘Look, that picture, the glass is all broken,’” she said. “It hit [the picture] and fell down behind [the couch]. But if it didn’t have the metal, it probably would’ve come on in and hit one of us.”

Effie noted that she suffered a mild heart attack following the ordeal, and was required to go to the hospital for treatment. “I was afraid [after the near-death incident]. I kept thinking I don’t want any more shooting,” Effie said, noting that she is constantly hearing gunshots ring out in her neighborhood. “[The doctors] said it looked like it was a stress heart attack but that it was a small one.”

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Will Maule