Nebraskans Unite After State is Hit With Worst Flooding in Nearly 50 Years

Image source: Twitter via Ben Sasse

Two people have been confirmed dead in Nebraska after heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding across the state. Governor Pete Ricketts has declared a state of emergency in 53 counties, with experts describing it as the worst period of flooding in recent state history.

“This is the largest widespread amount of flooding we’ve had in the last half-century,” Ricketts said of the shocking torrent. Witnesses to the horror said that rivers quickly split their banks, and the waters began rising to 25 feet and higher, causing residents to scramble onto their roofs for safety.

Rancher Paul Allen was one of those who the dreaded early morning wakeup call to inform him that the Spencer Dam, located five miles up-river from his house, had been “compromised.” There was a raging rapid of frigid water headed his way, and fast.

Though unsure on the scale of the damage, Allen is pretty sure that hi large herd of livestock has been decimated by the floods. “It’s not good,” he told the Omaha World-Herald. “We don’t have no clue how many cows we lost yet, or equipment or machinery.”

According to official records, the Elkhorn River at Waterloo rose to 24.6 feet on Saturday, smashing the former 1962 record by 5.5 feet. “I’ve seen water come within a foot of coming over the banks of the river, but never anything like this,” Allen added. “Never.”

In addition to the deluge of water, enormous ice blocks have caused extensive damage to local homes and businesses. here to read more.

SOURCE: Faithwire, Will Maule