Beto O’Rourke Says He Supports 3rd-Trimester Abortion

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said Monday he supports third-trimester abortions, adding that it’s a decision that should be left up to the woman.

Speaking in Ohio, O’Rourke fielded a question from a voter who is presumably pro-life.

“Are you for third-trimester abortion?” the woman asked. “Are you gonna protect the lives of third-trimester babies? Because there’s really not a medical necessity for abortion. It’s not a medical emergency procedure, because typically third-trimester abortions take up to three days to have, so you would, in that sense, if there was an emergency, the doctors would just do a C-Section, and you don’t have to kill the baby in that [instance]. So, are you for or against third-trimester abortions?”

O’Rourke said he backed such abortions.

“The question is about abortion and reproductive rights, and my answer to you is that should be a decision that the woman makes,” O’Rourke responded to applause. “… I trust her.”

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Source: Christian Headlines