WATCH: Gentleman Turkey Stands in the Middle of the Road Halting Traffic Until All of his Fellow Turkeys Cross Safely

Birds of a feather stuck together as an impressive male turkey was recorded standing guard in a busy road to let his fellow fowls cross safely.

Driver Donald Pomerleau captured the video of the unusual crossing guard and its group of turkeys from a car on a Litchfield, New Hampshire, last Thursday.

The footage shows the puffed out male (or tom) turkey follow a group of possibly females and young males before taking up a spot near the double yellow lines.

And he seems to be doing a good job, as a queue of cars wait patiently for the group of birds to cross.

Other than the guardian turkey, a dozen of the birds can be seen on the video.

The tom stands watchful and still letting more turkeys cross safely, and only ends his vigil to follow the last turkey crossing the road.

Wild turkeys had disappeared from New Hampshire 150 years ago due to habitat loss and the lack of hunting regulations, according to state’s fish and game department.

New Hampshire Fish and Game started to transplant wild turkeys into the state more than four decades ago, and the population is now estimated around 25,000 birds.

The feathered crossing guard stands watch on a road in Litchfield, New Hampshire, on March 14 as a group of wild turkeys makes their way across the street
The driver, Donald Pomerleau, recorded the turkey crossing and its steadfast guardian from his car waiting for the march to conclude
The impressive tom turkey stood in the same spot for the duration of the crossing
The other birds quickly make their way through the stalled traffic to reach the safety of the snowy, wooded side
As the last of the birds crosses, the tom twirls around and accompanies his fellow fowl off of the road

SOURCE: Daily Mail, by Michael Nam