Good Samaritan Gives Homeless Man His Bank Card and Pin and Tells Him to Withdraw Money, Which He Does Before Returning With the Receipt

Heart-warming footage shows a ‘homeless man’ returning a bank card to a customer sitting outside a bar – after the Samaritan gave him his PIN and told him to withdraw £20 for himself.

The clip begins with a view of a man sitting at an outside table at Harry’s Bar and Restaurant, on Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

A bearded man wearing a jacket and jogging bottoms approaches the customer, who then gives him a thumbs-up.

The ‘homeless’ man, who appears to be in his twenties – and may be called ‘Colin’, according to Facebook comments – hands him a piece of paper and mentions the word ‘receipt’.

The punter takes the receipt, while the bearded man shows him the £20 he took out.

It is believed he made the withdrawal from an ATM outside a Co-Op bank on the opposite side of the road, about one minute’s walk away.

The two share a warm handshake, and the bearded man begins to leave – briefly turning around to point at the generous individual.