Amid Recent Tragedies in New Zealand, Nigeria, and Other Parts of the World, Remember That God Still Has Authority Over the Abyss

Who has authority over the abyss?

That may be the most important question in the wake of the recent horrific events in New Zealand, Nigeria, and other parts of the world where it seemed that all hell broke loose.

In New Zealand, a gunman massacred at least fifty Muslim worshippers in the sanctuary of their mosques. In Nigeria, more than one hundred Christians were slaughtered in the sanctity of homes and churches by religious fanatics.

Many Bible students wonder when the Great Tribulation will come. The survivors of the New Zealand and Nigeria bloodbaths and their families might conclude that “great tribulation” is already here. So would millions of asylum seekers who have been persecuted because of religion.

In this age, it seems the “bottomless pit” has cracked a seam, and the misery blasts up into the world like solar flares from the deep core of the sun.

One of the most relevant voices now is that of a man dead for decades. Christopher Dawson was a serious Catholic Christian, a philosophical historian. An Englishman trained at Oxford, Dawson would ultimately teach at Harvard. Dawson focused on the biblical view of nations and cultures. He was fascinated by the spiritual significance and undertones of historic events.

Bradley J. Birzer, a Dawson biographer, wrote that in his span of the twentieth century, Dawson watched the rise of “nationalism, communism, fascism, the holocaust camps, the gulags, the killing fields, and the sheer mechanization and overwhelming destruction of human life…”

“All the events of the last years have convinced me what a fragile thing civilization is,” Dawson wrote. He looked deeply into all this and more, and “feared the unloosing of the powers of the abyss.”

The recent events in our times are abysmal in the most literal sense of the word.

The abyss, according to the Bible, is the habitation of the “beast” (Revelation 11:7), the prison of fallen angels (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6)

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henley