‘Adulting School’ Plans to Teach Young People Life Skills

At what point does someone become an adult? Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers usually consider their entry point buying a home, or getting married and starting a family.

For the Millennial generation, however, jumping that hurdle isn’t so easy. Part of that is because many haven’t learned the life-skills typically expected of an adult.

Believe it or not, there’s now a class for that.

“Happy Birthday! Grandma gives you $150. Congratulations! Where do you spend it, or do you?” Rachel Flehinger said enthusiastically to a group of Millennials working through Budgeting 101.

Flehinger is the co-founder of  Adulting School. It’s judgment-free, practical and proving to be invaluable to a generation eager to learn.

“Adulting” School: How-To 101

Some of the classes are light-hearted. The how-to lessons include: unclogging a sink, folding fitted sheets, patching a wall. Others focus on more essential skills.

“We are going to go through and talk about a basic way how to structure where you spend your money where you put it,” Flehinger explained to the students gathered to learn about budgeting.

Launching into adulthood can be tricky, and Millennials, maybe more than any generation before them, have been especially vocal about feeling ill-equipped to hold the title of “adult.”

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Source: CBN