Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director-Turned-Pro-Life Advocate, Says Abortion Must Not Just be Illegal But Unthinkable

On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, My Faith Votes gathered alongside hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters in Washington DC to stand for life. We marched down Constitution Avenue to the steps of the Supreme Court armed with a new approach to the anti-abortion movement — pro-life is pro-science.

My Faith Votes sat down with Abby Johnson, one of the keynote speakers of the March, and she explained the power behind this year’s March for Life theme, “Unique from Day One.”

“As science becomes more advanced, we know more about the person in the womb, more about what makes them unique,” Johnson said. “[Science] reaches everyone. For people of faith like me, I know science comes from my Creator.”

Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, experienced a complete perspective change herself after witnessing a 13-week old fetus struggle for his life during an ultrasound-guided abortion procedure. “I realized there was humanity in the womb, and abortion was taking an individual human life,” she said.

As science strengthens the debate for pro-life activists, it supplies greater evidence to the workings of God the Creator. This shift reminds today’s pro-life supporters they have the opportunity to rewrite history, protect the most innocent and ultimately, change how Americans view abortion.

While Johnson continues to lobby for efforts to eliminate abortion, she recognizes this pro-life movement demands a radical culture change that legislation alone cannot solve.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jason Yates